Why Use a Realtor?

Invaluable Resource

Many buyers and homeowners are not aware of the true benefits and value a Realtor provides during the course of a real estate transaction. Licensed Realtors have a lot of pertinent information and local market knowledge that will be extremely valuable to you when making decisions about buying or selling a home.

FOR BUYERS, a Realtor knows what’s available on the market at any given time and will take you to homes and neighbourhoods that meet your personal preferences and satisfy your lifestyle requirements.

FOR SELLERS, a Realtor will advise you of current market conditions, do a comparative market analysis comparing your home to others that are currently on the market and suggest a marketing strategy to obtain top dollar for your home.

Some additional key issues a Realtor can assist you with are:

  • Negotiating – a Realtor can net you more money and
    negotiate better terms and conditions
  • Financing – provide available mortgage options, brokers
    and financial institutions
  • The Role of A Lawyer – do you need one? The Appraisal,
    Real Property Reports, the tax and GST
  • Searching – where to begin finding properties that suit
    your needs
  • Contract Details – what details should be included in the
    contract: financing, terms, date of possession, inclusions/exclusions
  • Closing – final stage: the inspection, signing all the papers

A Realtor will help make the complex process of buying or selling a home a little easier and more enjoyable, while saving you a great deal of time in the process!

Call today to discuss how I can be of service. I’d be pleased to assist you whether you’re planning to buy or sell a home.