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Calgary is a city in the province of Alberta, Canada, situated in the south of the province, in a region of the foothills approximately 80 km east of the Canadian Rockies. Just recently Calgary’s population reached the million mark and currently stands at 1,090,936.

A Modern Cosmopolitan City

Today, Calgary is a modern cosmopolitan city that still retains much of its traditional culture. It is starting to become recognized as one of Canada’s most diverse cities. As the population has grown, so has the vitality of the downtown core. People are beginning to find a wide variety of alternatives in the inner city; the nightlife and the availability of cultural venues has gradually begun to evolve as a result.

The City Continues to Embrace Suburbanism

Even with Calgary’s recent growth & interest in the downtown area, the city continues to embrace suburbanism. If you’re looking for a place to raise your family, you’ve made the right choice. Calgary’s has great neighbourhoods to choose from, many with their own man-made lakes, top quality public and separate school systems, as well as many excellent private schools, nurseries and daycares.

Traditionally Affordable

Calgary and Alberta have traditionally been affordable places to live and even with it’s substantial growth (much of it due to the prosperous energy sector) and the increasing demand on real-estate, it remains to be high quality, affordable living.

Shopping in Calgary

For anyone with an interest in shopping, Calgary has everything you could want from fashion boutiques, specialty food stores, antique shops and home furnishing stores, to all of the top name department stores.

Recreation and Fitness

If you like to stay fit, keep busy and just generally enjoy the outdoors, Calgary is definitely the place to be.

In large part due to its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, Calgary has traditionally been a popular destination for winter sports. The city is home to major winter sporting facilities such as Canada Olympic Park (luge, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, downhill skiing, snowboarding, and some summer sports) and the Olympic Oval (speed skating and hockey). These facilities serve as the primary training venues for a number of competitive athletes.

In the summer, golf is an extremely popular activity for Calgarians and the region has a large number of courses and if you’re strolling, biking, running or driving along the Bow River it’s very likely you’ll spot fly-fishermen. The Bow is very popular for this activity.

The city also has a many urban parks including Fish Creek Provincial Park, Nose Hill Park, Bowness Park, Edworthy Park, the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Prince’s Island Park, to name a few. Nose Hill Park is the largest municipal park in Canada. Connecting these parks and most of the city’s neighbourhoods is one of the most extensive multi-use (walking, running, biking, rollerblading) path systems in North America.

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